Pi and More

Hochschule Trier, April 22, 2023 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. (preliminary times)

Pi and More is the largest German community event around the Raspberry Pi, Arduino and other "small computers". It takes place twice a year at different locations since 2012.

On April 22 we will finally be back in Trier!

Pi and More is the perfect place to get new ideas and present your own projects! Starting now, you can apply with your own presentation, workshop or project exhibition.

Pi and More 13 is organized by CMD e.V. in cooperation with Trier University of Applied Sciences.

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Pi and More 13 will take place at the Schneidershof Campus of Trier University of Applied Sciences (not at Trier University).

Information on how to get there can be found on the university's website.