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Micro Computers in Space Systems - Lessons Learned

13:30 Uhr – 14:25 Uhr, Hörsaal V38.03

This talk will be about the usage of different small computers in space projects. This ranges from small ARM processors over RaspberryPis all the way to special space-grade computing boards. With the experience of different space missions, KSat e.V. will present the practical usage of those computers in actual space mission ranging from high altitude balloons, experiments on sounding rockets over ISS experiments all the way to a satellite system. The focus hereby will be especially on why those computers were used, what went well, and what did not. This talk shall provide an overview of what is possible to interested people from beginners to experts and to help others interested in implementing high reliable applications with microcomputers in their decision.

Von Paul Nehlich (KSat Stuttgart e.V.) und Robin Schweigert