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The MuonPi Cosmic Detector Project
An Open-Community Network of Cosmic Shower Detectors

11:35 Uhr – 12:00 Uhr, Vortragsraum 1

The MuonPi project provides a distributed IoT network of inexpensive, RPi-based particle detectors for measuring the high-energy muon showers generated by cosmic primary radiation. By recording and timestamping these events at the individual detectors down to the nanosecond level, correlations and thus information on the shower geometry and energy can be derived from the data collected centrally on a server. In the presentation, the project will be introduced with a focus on the hardware of the RaspberryPi-based detector, which was intentionally designed as cost-effective as possible in order to target a broad community of interested users, such as radio HAMs, makers, schools etc. In this way, the wide distribution of detector stations potentially brings new insights into the world of astro-particle physics at the highest energies of the universe.

Von Hans-Georg Zaunick, Daniel Treffenstädt, Lukas Nies (CERN / University of Greifswald) und Lara Dippel (MuonPi)

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