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Raspberry controlled Soda Can solar collector
Solar heat collector made with recycled sodacans, remote monitored by your smartphone.
Talk (Track recommendation for beginners)

11:30h – 11:55h, Hörsaal 11 (Talks)

The solar heat collector consists of a number of panels, built with recycled and black painted soda cans, on a roof, that collect hot air, to heat up the house during sunny winter days. Air is blow trough the system if there is enough heat to make it worth while. Temperatures reach well above the 125 DegC, which is the maximum of the sensors. It works great in fall, winter, and even best at springtime.

The cool part is (literally!) that in the summer it can be used to cool the house! Getting colder temperatures of about 4 to 5 DegC less then outside temperature, thus having an effect like a AC installation.

The controller is very sophisticated, with not just the program to automatically start and stop the fan, but also with a LAMP-server. It means it can be controlled by your smartphone, tablet, or PC, with any OS, by just going to the webpages the raspberry produces, with real time data, logged values (SQL database), and even nice graphs. The program is also logging all the values in the background, so performance over a period of time can be calculated and checked on line...

In debt explanation, lots of pictures, source code, and even a little movie can be found on the (ad-free!) website I made over it. The system is live since around New Year about two months ago...

By Jan Paulussen

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