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Rasperry Pi based captivite portal for families

Whole day in Project Exhibition

The Pi can be used as a Captive Portal and Router for the members of the family with time limited Internet access. The portal has three building blocks:

  • The Pi acts as a DHCP server on the home network. Devices with limited access get the address of the Pi as default route not the home router.
  • A set of firewall rules are provisioned on the Pi to enable/disable access for devices using it as router.
  • A web application controls this firewall (enables/disables Internet access) dynamically.

Use case: parents can dynamically enable Internet usage for their children's devices. A timer is implemented in the app, so that the access is turned off automatically after 30 mins. Firewall rules can be implemented which enable specific services (Messaging, Wikipedia) regardless the overall limitation. Other services can be completely blocked even if the child's device is allowed to use the Internet.

The application can be demoed very well, I have a FritzBox and a Pi which I can setup for this purpose.

For technology enthusiast parents who don't get shocked from mac addresses, dnsmasq, iptables, Python and Django.

By kris

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