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Prototyping An Observatory Roof Control
A School Student Project With Raspberry Pi

11:40h – 12:35h, Hörsaal 13 (Talks)

We're doing astrophotography in our own little backyard observatory. Things have to be cheap and simple, so we decided to prototype a roof control system using a Raspberry Pi as a control unit. It's been built by two school students (12 and 16 years old). Learning how to develop simple IT solutions in an agile way is part of the game. The presentation will be held by Boris Ruth as the product owner and hobby astronomer who will introduce the context and team, Lucca Giusti as the main developer and Lukas Ruth as the tester will present and explain the solution live. Remember that we'll show you a prototype of how things could work in the future, but not the final working solution (yet). We'll also share some experience about how to build your own stuff with your kids, providing some insight on what works and what doesn't. Last but not least, we'll also share some astrophoto results with you and we'll be available after the presentation to explain how to do them.

By Boris Ruth