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A lesson of physical Computing with Scratch: RPi, scratchClient and Arduino

11:10h – 11:35h, Hörsaal 13 (Talks)

This presentation will describe a successful lesson of physical computing for a class of 22 children of 11 year old visiting the Trudo Weekendschool in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Scratch is used on the Raspberry Pi 2B or 3B to program a game that interacts with LEDs, servos and buttons. These peripherals, as well as a joy stick, are wired to a USB connected Arduino Nano. ScratchClient, which apart from being very flexible for controlling from Scratch the GPIO ports on RPi, can give excellent access from Scratch to those peripherals. This leads to a sub 25 euro / workplace extension for physical computing (material only) that is transportable between different Weekendschools in The Netherlands where the intent is to be able to give these lessons for classes of up to 60 children using 30 workplaces.

It should be interesting for teachers, makers and parents with their children. A basic level of understanding Scratch is assumed.

See for a preview of the setup in action.

This presentation is a slightly updated presentation of what was given at Pi and More 9 ½ in Krefeld.

By Hans de Jong

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