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Guided Tour through the Computer Museum Stuttgart
Group 4: English
Guided Tour

15:00h – 15:55h, Computer Museum

"Better than the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley": The Computer Museum Stuttgart opens its doors for the visitors of Pi and More. The museum's director, Klemens Krause, takes you on a one-hour guided tour of the collection and shows the old machines in operation. writes about the museum: "The University of Stuttgart houses a small computer museum, the oldest computers date back to the 1950s and the youngest are from the 1980s. The special thing about the museum in Stuttgart is that all the computers on display still work: We can play around on any computer, which is far more impressive than standing in front of switched off devices." "A walk through the museum, the exchange with Krause and the fascination that 60-year-old computers radiate help to pin down what industry has achieved in the past decades,"

The registration for one of the four guided tour groups with 15 people each will be made at the information desk on the day of the event. A prior registration is not possible. Members of the University of Stuttgart are kindly requested to give priority to external visitors - the museum is open every Tuesday between 4:15 pm and 6:30 pm and can be visited free of charge.

By Klemens Krause (Computermuseum Universität Stuttgart) and Christian Corti (Computermuseum Universität Stuttgart)