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Pentatonic Permutations and the PP-Player with Raspberry Pi
An Algorithmic Piano Composition

18:00h – 18:25h, Lecture Hall V38.01

Pentatonic Permutations Player

Pentatonic Permutations is an algorithmic piano composition that started 13,799 billion years ago and will continue another 16 trillion years, tagging every moment of time. After the last permutation the piece will stop.

Pentatonic scales of prime number length are constantly phase shifting, creating narrations. Fragments of melodies appear and disappear using the Indian/Japanese scale 1-4-2-3-2. All players are playing the same part of the composition.

The first limited and signed edition of 100 pieces of the Pentatonic Permutations Player is based on a Raspberry Pi, a DCF77 time signal receiver, a highly efficient stereo class-D audio amplifier, two broadband speakers and natural samples of a Steinway Model-B piano, converting time to music.

The player is independent of internet or wifi.

I will describe historical, theoretical and practical aspects of algorithmic compositions and of the realisation of a hardware player.

By Benjamin Heidersberger

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