Pi and More 10½
February 24, 2018, 09:30—18:30
Uni Stuttgart

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We are looking for people who want to present their project, give a talk, or hold a workshop at Pi and More 5. The best contributions will be awarded a prize!

We promised you a Raspberry Pi powered electronic dart board last week... and here it is! 

Mark June 28th in your calendar to join us at Pi and More 5 in Trier, where we will present this project: To find out what the superpowers are that we are talking about, check out this blog post.

We hope you have a better aim than what you can see in this picture... because at Pi and More 5, you will be able to play darts. Not on a regular electronic dart board, of course, but on a Pi powered one! Standby for updates coming up in the next weeks!

(Yes, that's an Arduino Mega. And a punch card.)

Thanks to our new sponsor GetDigital, we are happy to announce, that the most creative and exciting projects and talks at Pi and More 5 will be awarded a price. The audience will decide!

We are starting the preparations for Pi and More 5. It is currently scheduled for June 28, and will take place at the University of Trier (same location as Pi and More 1 and 3). Stay tuned!

Thanks to all those who attended the first Raspberry Jam in Luxemburg on Saturday. In the next days, we will put the slides of the talks and workshops online, as well as some pictures from the event.

Pi and More 4 is just around the corner. At saturday, November 9th, starting from 1 pm, we meet at the University of Luxemburg. As many people will come from Trier, we will have a shuttle bus ready (please register). All talks will be in english. More information on the schedule and other details can be found here.

The fourth edition of Pi and More will take place on November 9 not in Trier but at the University of Luxemburg. The current planning is that the program will start at 11:30 with Talks starting at 13:30. All talks will be in English. Further information will be announced on this web site.

What is Pi and More?

At Pi and More, beginners and experts meet for talks, workshops, and projects focussing on the Raspberry Pi, embedded systems and microcontrollers. Initiated at the University of Trier, every second event is at some other university in the region - be it in Trier, Luxemburg or in Saarbrücken.