Maker Challenge #1

Paternoster Tuning

We would like to call upon all creative minds to take part in the first Maker Challenge of Pi and More!

Pi and More Maker Challenges are a loose sequence of competitions in which the most creative solutions with Pi & co. to a given problem are sought and rewarded.

A paternoster elevator cabin in the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Krefeld

At the venue of Pi and More 11½ a paternoster has been making its rounds for years. The functional but very unadorned transport cabins scream to be individualized: the cabins need to be equipped with more functionality and also change their appearance!

This could be, for example, the announcement of the next floor or other relevant information. Of course, a paternoster does not provide this information via a data bus, but sensors (brightness? air pressure? gyroscopes? ultrasound? radar? laser?) have to be used creatively! Sound output and lighting can also be an aspect - who combines form and function most elegantly?


  • You can submit your contribution here until March 20th - with a short description and a photo of the prototype.
  • Afterwards (or earlier by e-mail, if you wish), you will receive feedback from us as to whether the proposal complies with the rules (see below).
  • The first twelve contributions can be installed in the paternoster on April 6th. (If projects are cancelled or not installed, other projects can move up in the order of registration.)
  • The installation must take place in the assigned paternoster cabin within 60 minutes.
  • The paternoster will then be started and a jury will select the winners. The jury selects according to creativity, originality and, in the case of functional extensions, also according to the usefulness of the creations.


The best contribution will receive a gift prize donated by our sponsors. We will announce the prizes here shortly!


However, there are some limitations:

  • The installations must fit completely into the cabin, must not protrude beyond it or move out. Objects placed in the cabin must be secured against falling out.
  • In the cabin, the installation must only be secured with magnets or removable double-sided adhesive tape.
  • If it is determined on site (or before) that an installation impairs the safety of the lift or people, the contribution will be excluded from participation.
  • As usual, legal recourse is excluded.

The cabins

The cabin shown above is one of 12 cabins belonging to the Paternoster in the Krefeld University. The cabins are 118 cm wide, 220 cm high and 75 cm deep. The side walls as well as the rear wall and the upper cover are made of metal, the floor is coated with linoleum. The paternoster serves six floors.


Please describe your contribution to the Maker Challenge #1 briefly in an email to

  • Name of contribution
  • Your name
  • A short description (What does your construction do, how does it do that, what is it good for?)
  • An image or short video that illustrates the function.

Closing date: 3 April (Vacant cabins can be also assigned on-site) After submission you will receive feedback from us within one week as to whether your contribution will be accepted for the presentation in Krefeld!

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact or use the contact form above.