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Creative circular elevator contest in Krefeld! Feb. 8, 2019

Two years after the first guest performance of Pi and More on the Lower Rhine, we return there on April 6th. We are looking forward to it - with a large makerspace and many committed people on site, Krefeld provides an excellent location for Pi and More. Due to a special architectural feature on site, we will have an extraordinary competition for you this year - read more below!

As usual, the programme will be announced a few weeks ahead of the event, just like the exact times. Registration now open!

Until then, we are looking for contributions: Lectures, project exhibitions and workshops can be submitted until March 10th, 2019. Do you have an exciting project that you would like to present? Click here to submit!

As mentioned above, a special highlight awaits all those who enjoy creative tinkering: One of the few freely accessible paternoster lifts in Germany is located in Krefeld. Like all paternoster lifts, it was built long before the era of home automation and the Internet of Things - but that doesn't mean it can't be retrofitted, at least temporarily! As part of our Pi and More Maker Challenge #1 on April 6th, we will choose the most creative proposal for the electronic improvement of the "Proletenbagger" - more details here.

Don't waste your time and get started!