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Beitragen lohnt sich! March 2, 2016

For each accepted and presented contribution at Pi and More 9, the speaker/presenter receives a gift set containing a Raspberry Pi case* plus* (randomly assigned) one of the following products:

2x FRITZ!Box 7490 (value 200 Euros), FRITZ!Powerline 1240E Set (value 150 Euros), FRITZ!WLAN Stick AC 860 (value 40 Euros), 8x addon board for the Raspberry Pi by Pimoroni (e.g., Propeller-HAT, Piano-HAT, Display-HAT, etc., value ca. 20 Euros), learning package by Franzis (value 50 to 100 Euros), Raspberry Pi case by Pimoroni (value ca. 10 Euros). The list will be extended even further :-)

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A sneak peek on a part of the presents: