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Pi and Radio Online Sept. 10, 2021

You can connect to our conference system to participate at Pi and Radio interactively or watch the live stream on YouTube.

Join interactively (Zoom) Watch (YouTube) Schedule

Privacy notice: The stream will be recorded and the recordings will be published later. Interactive participants' names, spoken words and video may be visible and audible both in the livestream and as part of the recording.

Our schedule is also available for the app Giggity.Just open this link in Giggity: Programm-XML

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Pi and Radio is a cooperation of the Funkamateurclub Weinheim e.V. and the CMD - Computer, Menschen, Dinge e.V.; We are very happy about donations, from which we finance our association work:

  • CMD e.V.: IBAN DE51 5855 0130 0001 0625 79 - Sparkasse Trier
  • FACW e.V.: IBAN DE84 6709 2300 0006 8980 09 - Volksbank Kurpfalz Heidelberg